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Sacrifice Zone Los Angeles

January, 2024

The Otis Booth Pavilion at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles was transformed into a home along the I-710 Corridor in South L.A. that is besieged by health risks from L.A.’s myriad sources of pollution. SZLA’s immersive experience used community interviews, interactive media, audio soundscapes, and production design to explore the personal health challenges of families living in these “sacrifice zones”—the places in our city devastated by ongoing environmental pollution.

During live performances, the exhibit was brought to life, allowing audiences to bear witness to a family preparing for their matriarch’s birthday. As the story unfolds, attendees had the freedom to explore the household in the order of their choosing—going at their own pace—while learning about the issues faced by the communities in these neighborhoods, and what can be done about it.

Created, curated, and produced by Michael Bodie  &  Paula Cizmar

Live performance directed by Fran de Leon

Set design Sibyl Wickersheimer

Interactive Design Luke Quezada

Lighting Design Oleyar Oleyar

Costume Design Anna Pollnow and Ann Closs-Farley

Olfactory Design Nikia Fenix and Elizabeth Ramsey

Technical Director Chad Smith

Live performance written by Eliza Kuperschmid & Alessandra Viegas

Stage Manager MJ Adamson

Cast: Claudia Elmor, Xol Gonzalez, David Huynh, Ella Lao, Lee Martinez, Alejandra Villanueva

Photo Credit: Dylan Locke


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